Sports & Recreation
We take every effort to encourage our students to participate in various social, cultural and sports activities. The college has its own cricket, football and volleyball grounds.
It also has 1500 sq. ft. modern style well equipped Gymnasium.
Table Tennis, Carom and wrestling facilities are also provided.

Our students have participated and won number of prizes at Inter-Collegiate, University, State and National Levels. All the sports facilities are well looked after by proficient sports in-charge and is guided by keen sports person.

A library endowed with the latest books and periodicals forms the backbone of any educational institute.The library at college is replete with the latest books and journals, reference volumes, required for learning and teaching all disciplines. Expanse :There are four separate halls, one each for Reference Section, Circulation Section, Reading Hall, Journals and Traditional Science Section.

Computerization: Library is computerized using Software and uses independently one server (Reference Section). Internet connectivity also is operated for addition of new books selected from various web-sites; in addition to routine selection and procurement process.

Audio-Visual Collections : A separate stock of over 1200 CDs is maintained separately.

Magazines and Newspapers : 10 news papers and 12 magazines are regularly subscribed and are made available in Reading Hall for students and the staff.

Computer Lab
With due respect and importance to the IT Revolution and being a educational & Science institution, College has taken all the steps to equip its students with all the advantages this revolution has to offer. The work of this lab is under the control of permanent qualified full-time staff and has been also provided with a small conference room, server room with printing facility.

Internet facility is available in all the department. There is a specially designed Computer Centre, furnished with branded computers connected through LAN Novell Network, Windows NT/Windows 2000 services and Windows XP. Moreover software’s like PowerBuilder, Oracle, Unix EMTP, Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++, Linux, Java, Adobe Photoshop etc. are also available in the lab.

Also software for Attendance Data Base Management, Library Management, Students Fee and Personal Information, Academic Record, Students Scholarship, Pay-Roll etc. are also available for maintaining and updating various records.

Staff and students are provided free Internet facility. Library access and
Internet facility is also available in every department.

The institute has all the necessary laboratories required as per the syllabus and curriculum, meeting with U. G.C. norms, equipped with latest sophisticated equipments, machines and instruments. The laboratories in the various departments have excellent research and testing facilities

“National Cadet Corps” is considered to be the second line of defense for the country. Youthful, energetic, sincere & patriotic boys & girls come together and work as NCC cadets, with the motto, “Unity & Discipline”. NCC helps a great deal in shaping up the overall personality of these young men & women, who would be the responsible citizens of tomorrow & in whom lies the future of the country.

NSSNational Service Scheme
“National Service Scheme” is also considered with motto of developing social services among the new generation.

Seminar Hall

A air conditioned seminar hall with seating capacity of hundred people is also facilitated in the college. Where seminars & meetings are held regularly

Girls Common Room
There is a spacious girls common room with all necessary facilities.

Co-Curricular Activities

The students are substantially encouraged to take part in the Class Seminar, Symposium, Group Discussion and Viva Voce. Students are encouraged to take part in NSS population education, distances education and extension activities.

Medical Examination
Every student of the college shall present himself / herself for medical examination before the medical officers in the beginning of the session. A student who remains absent from Medical examination at the appointed date and time without any genuine cause shall be fined Rs. 10/- or such sum as College may fix. Without medical examination the students will not be allowed to appear in the University Examination.